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Graduate Audio Research and Development Engineer

Open position for a talented and motivated graduate-level engineer to join the Research and Development team at Audioscenic. If you are practical, want to continue learning and pushing the state of the art of audio reproduction, this is your position.

Job Description

The Audioscenic listener-adaptive 3D audio technology uses computer vision to track and deliver audio beams directly to the users’ ears in real time. This allows a super immersive spatial audio experience without the need of wearables or headphones. An example of a system using our technology can be found here:

We are seeking a top-class individual who is both full of ideas and practical know-how. 

The successful candidate will be expected to work in the Audioscenic Research and Development team. Together, the team will be building state-of-the-art and innovative 3D audio technologies and designing demonstration systems to reach out into new market segments. The role will include a wide variety of tasks including prototyping audio signal processing algorithms, taking and analysing acoustical measurements and tuning demonstration systems. Close collaboration with Audioscenic’s software development and computer vision teams is also a key part of the role, so strong technical communication skills are essential.

As the role includes working with prototype hardware and lab equipment, the graduate engineer should expect to work principally at the Audioscenic labs. Nevertheless, a flexible mix between lab and home work is possible and encouraged.



MSc / MEng in Acoustical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or similar disciplines

Previous experience

Up to 2 years of experience of research and development in the audio engineering industry is desirable.


Skillset and Interests


Required skills

  • Proficiency in mathematical modelling languages (Python preferred, Matlab, Octave, Mathematica)

  • Strong grounding in signal processing and sound-field control theory

  • Experience in performing acoustical measurements

Desirable skills

  • Experience with cross-talk cancellation systems and loudspeaker arrays

  • Real-time audio programming experience (for example MaxMSP, Pure Data)

  • C++ programming skills 

  • Practical electronics / hardware experience

  • Electroacoustics experience

  • Expertise in designing, conducting, and evaluating subjective experiments


To apply please email your CV to


Southampton, UK



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