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Our Vision

Audioscenic is changing the way we experience audio.

Using small arrays of speakers and advanced head tracking technologies, immersive 3D Sound will no longer require headphones or speakers located all around a room.

We will deliver an unrivalled, authentic and natural audio experience for consumers of immersive Gaming, VR and Movie audio.


The Audioscenic system allows a user to experience sounds in a way which is far superior to a conventional loudspeaker system. In a traditional loudspeaker set-up, sound radiates out from the speaker before bouncing off the walls and other objects in the room prior to reaching the ear. What you hear is a mix of the original and reflected sound creating, at best, a distorted "3D" effect.

In contrast, Audioscenic delivers controlled and independent sound beams direct to the left and right ears. In this way we can create "virtual headphones" and deliver spatial audio which simulates sounds positioned in 3D space all around the listener.

In addition, our proprietary head tracking technology enables the independent beams of sound to follow the ears of a listener, delivering perfect 3D Sound no matter what position they occupy or whether they move either whilst playing a computer game or watching a movie. Thanks to Audioscenic's technology the "sweet-spot" concept belongs to the past.

Superb 3D Audio Reproduction

Intelligent Rendering

Adaptive Listening


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Audioscenic offers solutions for a range of different platforms and a variety of market applications.

Our designs use expandable loudspeakers arrays with varying numbers of drivers to create precisely controlled sound beams. Audioscenic works hand-in-hand with our partners and customers to provide the detailed acoustic design support required to implement different products including Home Cinema, Gaming, Simulation, VR and public space audio systems.

The Audioscenic Virtua 3D Engine has been ported to leading signal processing platforms. The Virtua Engine uses our patented ultra-efficient signal processing architecture to allow implementation across a range of cost effective systems. Audioscenic provides optimized implementations of our Virtua Engine and our image processing technology to partners and customers. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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Hardware Development Kit

Audioscenic has created the Virtua hardware development kit (HDK) to allow experimenters to explore our technology. The Virtua HDK is our scalable, high-end listener-adaptive 3D sound development kit. All the versatility you need to explore how 3D sound can enhance innovative products and experiences.

Get in touch to get yourself an HDK and become part of the future of 3D audio!

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