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Who we are and how we came here

Where we began

Audioscenic was founded in 2017 by Dr Marcos Simón and Professor Filippo Fazi. Marcos was then a senior researcher and was working with Professor Fazi at the Institute  of Sound and Vibration Research, at University of Southampton.


Both were involved in the S3A Future Spatial Audio Project – a Project that aimed to revisit the way people were consuming sound by combining object-based audio and computer vision.


Building on the ISVR's history developing 3D audio systems, the inventors were fascinated by the sound experience that cross-talk-cancellation systems deliver. They were, however, frustrated with the small sweet-spot that rendered such systems unusable in practical situations. With the objective of solving this problem, Marcos and Filippo found a way to provide listener-adaptive CTC with minimum DSP footprint.


Opening the door to a next generation of practically available user-centred 3D audio. The Audioscenic team was joined by David Monteith as CEO in 2018 and in 2019 secured seed investment from IP Group. In 2020 Audioscenic secured further investment from IP Group and Foresight WAE Technology.

Today, at Audioscenic we aim to demonstrate the revolutionary user-centric listening experience offered by our technology across a range of platforms and devices, and to bring an extensive set of products to market by working in collaboration with leading brands across the world.

We believe that the future of sound is natural and three-dimensional. It’s our vision to be the enabling technology behind personalized and immersive audio reproduction, offering a revolutionary listening experience in a multitude of everyday situations and environments, without the need for headphones.

Our Journey So Far


Marcos and Filippo start working together in the S3A Spatial Audio Programme: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home.


First experiments with adaptive stereo dipoles start at ISVR

Executive & Founding Team

Audioscenic_David Monteith.jpg

David Monteith

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Technology professional with experience in executive positions in listed companies and startups.


Joined Audioscenic in 2018 as CEO. Previously founded and was the CEO at three successful audio technology startups: Sensaura (sold to Creative Labs in 2003) Sonaptic (sold to Wolfson Micro in 2007) and Incus Laboratories (sold to ams in 2016). Received the Royal Academy of Engineering Mac Robert Award for innovation in engineering in 2001.

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Marcos Simón

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Co-invented Audioscenic's core technology during his postdoctoral studies and then co-founded the company in 2017.


Marcos is an expert in loudspeaker array and sound field control with more than 9 years of research in the field.  Marcos became an entrepreneur as he wanted to use the technology he had invented to make real world audio systems much more natural sounding.


At Audioscenic, he leads the company's vision and is responsible for the technology deployment in customers products.

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Filippo Fazi

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One of Audioscenic’s founders and Chief Scientist of the company. He is also Professor of Audio and Signal Processing at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research of the University of Southampton.


Professor Fazi is an internationally recognized expert in audio signal processing, 3D audio and acoustic array technologies. He has authored more than 160 scientific publications and is co-inventor of Audioscenic’s patented and patent-pending technologies.

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