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Partnership with 3nod Acousticlink

UK 3D Audio technology experts, AudioScenic Limited, and leading Chinese integrated solutions provider 3nod Acousticlink have announced that they have signed an agreement to develop a range of Gaming Soundbars based on AudioScenic revolutionary Virtua 3D Audio technology.

3nod Acousticlink will be demonstrating its first prototype based on the AudioScenic technology in its Villa at Caesars Palace Las Vegas during CES 2020.

Using arrays of speakers and advanced head tracking technologies, AudioScenic Virtua delivers natural, fully immersive 3D Audio without the need for headphones or speakers located all around a room.

Traditional 3D audio systems forced listeners to sit in a small “sweet spot”. AudioScenic technology eliminates this restriction completely and gives you a breathtaking natural sounding audio experience.

“We are very excited to be working with AudioScenic to revolutionize the 3D audio world. We are now releasing a gaming soundbar that will introduce a new level of 3D audio performance to the gaming accessories sector. We also look forward to continue working with AudioScenic and to introducing further innovative audio products together”, says Dr. Fabio Santagata, director of product innovation at 3nod Acousticlink.

“AudioScenic believe Gamers and consumers deserve the best possible 3D Audio experience without the compromises imposed by previous generation products. We are thrilled to partner with 3nod Acousticlink to bring our Virtua technology to the market and to have jointly created such a unique 3D audio product”, says David Monteith, CEO at AudioScenic.

About AudioScenic Limited: AudioScenic is an audio technology company based in Southampton, UK and serving customers all around the globe. AudioScenic offers it’s unique patent protected user-adaptive 3D audio technologies for use in home audio, PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Home Cinema, Cinema, Automotive and public space applications.

About 3nod Acousticlink: Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, 3nod Acousticlink is the system solution provider based on lean manufacturing of intelligent products. As of today, 3nod Acousticlink runs an R&D centre with over 500 engineers in Shenzhen, and two manufacturing parks in both Shenzhen and Beihai, China. 3nod Acousticlink is a globally well-known supplier of audio products such as smart speakers, smart displays, Bluetooth speakers, home-theatre soundbars, wireless earphones, and wearables.


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