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The Future of 3D Sound as part of the BBC How To Make program

Our chief scientist Dr Filippo Fazi demonstrated Audioscenic technology for the future of 3D sound as part of the BBC How to Make program. The program shows our gaming soundbar demonstrator, which is the reference for the first generation of gaming products which will feature our technology.

"The remarkable combination of directional sound paired with the tracking tech could transform portable sound as we know it" - This is how the potential of Audioscenic technology was described last week at the BBC How To Make program.

At Audioscenic, we are every day working in improving our computer vision and advanced listener-adaptive 3D audio algorithms, to bring you the most amazing spatial audio experience with soundbars and conventional audio reproduction devices - in a practical and simple way that does not rely on the listeners wearing headphones or being placed in a specific position.

For those in the UK with a TV licence you can catch the full episode online until mid May.


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