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CES 2022 Soundbar Demonstration

Audioscenic Limited, the UK’s 3D audio technology experts, and Tectonic Audio Labs Inc., the leading provider of audio solutions using Bending Wave technology, will demonstrate a highly innovative living room soundbar at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The soundbar, featuring Audioscenic’s adaptive beam steering technology and Tectonic Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker technology, can be experienced in The Venetian, Suite 29-230. To schedule a demo, email

Traditional living room soundbar 3D audio systems force listeners to sit in a small sweet spot. Eliminating this restriction, Audioscenic technology provides a natural-sounding audio experience from anywhere in the room.

“Audioscenic technology delivers personalized and immersive audio,” says Dr. Marcos Simon, CTO at Audioscenic. “We believe your audio system should adapt to you. You should not need to change where you sit or how you arrange your furniture to experience the best possible 3D audio. We are thrilled to partner with Tectonic to demonstrate the future of living room audio.”

“The BMR drive unit offers full-frequency audio with the industry’s widest soundstage, a perfect match with Audioscenic’s impressive 3D audio system,” says David Stokes, GM of OEM and Product at Tectonic Audio Labs.

Audioscenic Limited: Audioscenic is an audio technology company based in Southampton, UK, that serves customers around the globe. Audioscenic offers its unique patent-protected user-adaptive 3D audio technologies for home audio, PC gaming, console gaming, home cinema, cinema, automotive, and public space applications.

Tectonic Audio Labs: Tectonic evolves the audio landscape by producing revolutionary flat-panel speaker solutions that feature Bending Wave technology. Through sophisticated design, manufacturing, and integration, Tectonic’s innovative transducers deliver superior sound solutions that can be heard in everything from house of worship facilities to award-winning soundbar products. Learn more at


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