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Audioscenic and Dimenco bring together the most complete Simulated Reality experience at CES 2022

Dimenco, leader in light field display technology and Audioscenic, the innovative sound systems developer, announce today their joint immersive experience during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, 2022.

Award Winning immersive technologies

Dimenco, leader in light field display technology, recently introduced the Award-Winning Simulated Reality Pro Display. The SR Pro. This newly developed spatial display technology gives a true presence to 3D content in a fully virtual environment, without the need of any wearables. Delivering a dramatic improvement in possibilities and overall immersive productivity.

Now enhanced with the Audioscenic system it allows the user to experience immersive content in a way which is far superior then using a conventional loudspeaker system. Audioscenic delivers controlled and independent sound beams direct to the left and right ears. In this way it creates “virtual headphones” around the user and deliver spatial audio which simulates sounds positioned in 3D space. Using their proprietary head tracking technology, it delivering perfect 3D Sound no matter whether the user moves either whilst playing a computer game or watching a movie. Thanks to Audioscenic’s technology the “sweet-spot” concept belongs to the past, bringing a fully natural experience.

We feel that our technology can totally complement the SR vision from an audio perspective, and we would like to jump there and work together with Dimenco in bringing a more complete simulated reality experience.

Marcos Simón, Audioscenic co-Founder and CTO

“Dimenco is the world leader in Simulated Reality. We feel that we are in the same wavelength. Therefore we recognise the great effort that Dimenco has been leading in the Simulated Reality field, challenging the status quo of glasses-free 3D screens and really setting a new standard out there. We feel that our technology can totally complement the SR vision from an audio perspective, and we would like to jump there and work together with Dimenco in bringing a more complete simulated reality experience by being the audio part of the simulated reality experience.” Stated Marcos Simón, Audioscenic co-Founder and CTO.

Audio is a very important part of the SR experience and Audioscenic’s spatial sound innovations fits perfectly in our vision of experiences without the need of any wearables. We’re excited to show our joint developments in the future.

Maarten Tobias, CEO Dimenco

In their joint vision to give the world a better and more natural way of seeing and listening where users nowadays are surrounded by new realities of the metaverse, the companies foresee that this collaboration can result in the release of innovative products in the next couple of years, that combine the Built on SR and Audioscenic Virtua technology.

About Audioscenic

Audioscenic Limited is a European, UK based company formed by world experts in 3D audio reproduction which operates all around the globe. Audioscenic vision is to demonstrate the revolutionary user-centric listening experience offered by Audioscenic technology across a range of platforms and devices, and to bring an extensive set of products to market by working/in collaboration with OEMs/ODMs and leading brands across the world. Audioscenic vision is to be the enabling technology behind personalized and immersive audio reproduction, offering a revolutionary listening experience in a multitude of (everyday) situations and environments, without the need for headphones.

About Dimenco

With origins in Royal Philips Electronics, Dimenco has been leading the spatial visualization market since 2010. Our mission is to push boundaries and achieve the dream of simulated reality – one of the world’s biggest developments in 3D. We unite hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences – no wearables required. Our open approach to the possibilities of spatial computing will result in totally new ways of interacting and experiencing your display, exceeding all expectations, delivering a real world presence to virtual objects. With our Built on SR technology, we have developed and produced a range of own-brand innovative products in addition to facilitating OEMs in the leap from ordinary to extraordinary technology production. Surpassing the industry’s standards Dimenco is truly redefining the future of display technology and is excited to have welcomed the first consumer products built upon Simulated Reality technology to the market.


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