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Audioscenic Marks Impressive Growth with New Hires widening Ambitions in Audio Spatial Technology

The expansion of Audioscenic's team signifies the company's commitment to advancing spatial audio technology and strengthening its market position

SOUTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 5, 2023Audioscenic, developers of the innovative 3D Audio Beamforming Technology Amphi, have announced a substantial team expansion including 15 new staff members across their Software Engineering, DSP, Computer Vision, and Audio R&D teams, along with a new CFO. The expansion comes as a result of rapid and successful growth. In the last six months Audioscenic has completed a successful Series A funding round as well as widespread industry accolades and awards for the first consumer implementation of its Amphi technology in the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro sound bar at the 2023 CES Show, Las Vegas. Audioscenic’s expanded teams see the brand poised to expand its technology to a global customer base.

“We’re very proud to grow the size, and skill, of our team to meet the rapidly expanding scope of Amphi within the consumer audio realm,” comments David Monteith, Audioscenic CEO. “The strategic focus of this expansion is on increasing our capabilities in key areas, so that we can continue to explore and implement our technology across the broadest possible range of consumer devices.”

The expansion of Audioscenic's team signifies the company's commitment to advancing spatial audio technology and strengthening its market position. With an increased talent pool, the company is well-equipped to improve existing products, develop innovative solutions, and explore new market opportunities, solidifying its position as a leading provider of immersive audio experiences. Additionally, the team's diverse composition, spanning over four continents and representing 14 nationalities, fosters a global perspective and enriches the company's ability to serve a diverse customer base worldwide.

The new team members include Balu Raj, Dimitris Zantalis, Robert Alcock and Kartik Prakash in Audioscenic’s Software Engineering Department, who will contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the Amphi software solutions. George Howell and Georgii Zagoruiko have joined the DSP Department and will be working to expand the firm’s capabilities for implementing Amphi within embedded devices at lower cost. Jose Cappelletto will be part of the Computer Vision Engineering Team, which focuses on Amphi’s head-tracking technology. Yury Ushakov, Jago Reed-Jones, Jacob Hollebon and Neil Crawshaw in the Audio R&D Team will be focused on improving software performance and new product development which includes integration in laptops, car stereo systems, and other commonly available consumer listening devices.

Finally, our new Chief Financial Officer will optimise the company's financial operations and make informed decisions regarding financial planning and budgeting.

“We’ve assembled an incredible global team, hailing from countries around the world, to take us into the next phase of our journey,” said Dr. Marcos Simon, Audioscenic CTO and Co-Founder. “The diversity of background and thought gives us a rich tapestry of perspectives, ideas, and insights, which will allow us to continue to innovate and develop our approach to consumer spatial audio technology. As a united team our goal is the same, to bring an accessible and affordable spatial audio experience to customers around the world, and elevate the experience of some of our most commonly used audio and viewing devices.”

As Audioscenic continues to evolve and expand its market presence, the company recognises the importance of strong business development efforts. To capitalise on commercial opportunities and foster strategic partnerships, Audioscenic has plans to onboard a dedicated business development professional. This individual will focus on driving commercial growth, identifying new markets, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with key industry stakeholders.


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