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The Future of Spatial Audio Unveiled at AVAR 2022

Audioscenic and Tectonic Audio Labs collaborate on the Virtua Spatial Audio HDK.

Southampton, United Kingdom, August 11, 2022 - Audioscenic Limited, the UK’s 3D Audio technology experts, and Tectonic Audio Labs, the leading provider of audio solutions using Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) technology, will introduce the new Virtua Spatial Audio hardware development kit (HDK) at AVAR 2022. This is Audio Engineering Society’s fourth International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality and will be held at Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington, USA on August 1517, 2022.

The Virtua Spatial Audio HDK is a reference design platform that allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate adaptive beamforming for spatial audio reproduction. The soundbar features Audioscenic’s Virtua software and Tectonic’s BMR speaker drive units.

Current spatial audio systems use fixed techniques to give a virtual surround experience. However, these systems are static, and therefore only work well when the user is standing still in front of the soundbar. Audioscenic’s Virtua features user-tracking based adaptive DSP, which creates virtual headphones to the exact user position as the user moves, delivering the best binaural audio experience. Tectonic’s true full-range BMRs improve spatial audio reproduction by allowing every speaker to radiate like a point-source, thus increasing the soundbar’s beamforming performance.

“Audioscenic technology brings real binaural audio performance without headphones. We have been working closely with Tectonic creating a reference design that allows manufacturers to easily adopt our technology to create products,” says Dr. Marcos Simón, CTO at Audioscenic. “We are happy to present at AVAR 2022 and thrilled to partner with Tectonic to demonstrate the future of spatial audio.”

“The BMR’s point-source behaviour improves Virtua’s sound field control performance, significantly enhancing the immersive experience for the user,” says David Stokes, VP of Product and Marketing at Tectonic Audio Labs. “We are pleased to partner with Audioscenic to showcase the BMR’s spatial audio advantage with their remarkable technology at AVAR 2022.”

Experience the Virtua Spatial Audio HDK in the demonstration area on the second floor. Register today at

About Audioscenic Limited: Audioscenic is an audio technology company based in Southampton, UK and serving customers all around the globe. Audioscenic offers its unique patent protected user-adaptive 3D audio technologies for use in home audio, PC gaming, console gaming, home cinema, cinema, automotive, and public space applications. Learn more at

About Tectonic Audio Labs:

Tectonic evolves the audio landscape through its proprietary Balanced Mode Radiator audio transducer design, which distributes acoustic energy more effectively to create an immersive listening experience. Through sophisticated design and integration, Tectonic delivers superior sound solutions that can currently be heard in product categories ranging from gaming, home audio entertainment and luxury vehicles to unified communications and connected fitness products. Learn more at

Please direct media inquiries to:

Dr. Marcos Simón

CTO at Audioscenic

David Stokes

VP of Product and Marketing at Tectonic Audio Labs


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